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Why is Life Long Learning? Simply, we believe it is the consistent and deep engagement of the mind and body in the active pursuit of knowledge and experience. As we live and work in a changing world. New laws are introduced that lead to the introduction of new policies, new ideas and new approaches. The world of work is therefore a constantly moving and evolving one. What this means,is that, if we are not constantly learning as we go about our day-to-day activities, then each day we are getting further and further out of touch with the demands of the modern world. Our ability will no longer be judged solely by qualifications gained in the past, but will also be assessed by our capacity to learn and adapt in the future.

CITOWLS believes that learning about new things boosts your confidence, is enjoyable and can lead to better quality of life. We believe that learning will become more important in the next millennium. Today, with the world’s borders more porous than ever, we believe Learning Process needs to be an important part of any serious student’s academic curriculum.

Recent scientific research on the brain suggests that better learning techniques makes students smarter overall. Learning has the power to transform us. Specifically, we can become more successful. Learning should therefore be seen as something positive and worthwhile In short, if we are serious about educating global leaders for tomorrow, we need to have students who can engage many different societies and be able to build cooperation between them. So Learning process must be an important part of this endeavor.

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